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Exceeding Your Expectations

Business Meeting


Identifying, committing and delivering the right strategy is tough. Partnering with a competent and trustworthy consultant that will illuminate both truth and potential is even tougher. Together we will create a practical strategy that will align mission, resources, incentives and positive impact. The Practical Strategist combines our insights and skills with you to get your organization where it needs to be.

Business Meeting


Coaching people and organizations to best align activity, services, and resources with stakeholder expectations delivers accountability. Good intentions aren't good enough. Clear-eyed assessment and practical steps turn good intentions into success. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.



Multi-tasking is ineffective, inefficient and potentially dangerous when the stakes are high. It is impossible to be a fully engaged, active participant and an effective facilitator. When stakeholders need to be heard, to inform decisions, an unbiased, neutral, dedicated facilitator sets everyone up for success.

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