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Good Governance 5 Point Check

Designed to assist Boards in organizational governance planning.

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A Boss Engagement Strategy

A practical engagement strategy to strengthen a positively productive relationship between the boss and team.

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10 Questions only YOU can answer

This questionnaire helps you assess if it is time for a new job. Whether you are looking back or forward, there are signs that you may have been too busy, too focused, or too burnt out to see that it is time for a new job. 

Surprises are not always great. Being surprised by a workforce re-alignment or lay-off is no party. Workplaces fire some 45% of C-Suite executives. Economic volatility, sector changes, globalization, technological advances, shifting consumer demands, systemic bias, politics, performance, and “fit” may play a part in why the decision to leave a job is sometimes made for us and not by us.

May this self-assessment shed some light on what may be coming and help you take action and get the support you need to manage your career. 

Working from Home
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Take 7.5 Minutes to Start Replacing Bias with Understanding

Bias and prejudice are within us all. We need help from each other to expose limiting bias and hateful prejudice and replace it with truth and understanding. I will continue to seek the truth, listen and learn as a white woman of privilege. I encourage you dear reader to invest 7.5 minutes and watch these two videos.

Phyllis Webstad courageously shares her story “The Orange Shirt” as a third-generation residential school survivor. Phyllis is one of 150,000 children who attended a residential school. Please watch Phyllis’ video and learn. . Join many who honour and remember residential school survivors, their families and those who died. I will forever look upon orange shirts differently now that I know her story.

The late Gord Downie sought out the truth about Canada’s shameful atrocities against Indigenous peoples stolen away to residential schools. Chanie Wenjack was one of 4,440 Indigenous children who died in a residential school over the 120 years that these schools existed. Please take the time with an open heart and mind and learn more about The Secret Path

May understanding and love encircle all who grieve throughout the generations. May peace encircle every child, every friend, every family member and every person connected through love.  

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March 11, 2021 is the 10th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami where 20,000 souls perished. 

In 2010, Japanese garden designer Itaru Sasaki—who lives outside the coastal city of Ōtsuchi—built a telephone booth in his garden. It contained an unconnected rotary phone on which he could talk with his late, beloved cousin. 

 After the 2011 tsunami hit Ōtsuchi, the "Wind Telephone" became a place of comfort and solace for thousands of visitors. Mari Saito wrote a beautiful article of some of the conversations the bereaved have had with their loved ones.

Wind telephone_photo-courtesy-artist_84_
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