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Connecting what is with what needs to be

High Fives


The Practical Strategist exists to solve the strategic issues facing clients, both large and small. Every engagement is customized to help organizations embrace the right strategy to focus resources, optimize performance and achieve your vision.


Identifying, committing and implementing the right strategy is tough. Finding a consultant with the expertise to help you  illuminate the strategy that aligns best with your resources, strengths and unique mission is even tougher.  Good intention is not good enough. Aligning truth and action drives accountability and success.


People and organizations want to do a great job.  A trusted coach leverages your strengths, performance and potential by focusing your awareness and actions strategically. Guiding you to honestly look within and outside the organization includes kindly addressing blind spots that limit your individual, team and organization's potential. There is no one size fits all. Coaching can support you in your journey to be clear-eyed about your strengths, the market and how best to succeed.


When the stakes are high, a skilled neutral facilitator frees up stakeholders to fully contribute to discussions, plans and informed decisions. Governing boards, operational staff and external partners have distinct yet complimentary roles and interests in your mission. Board planning or executing a new strategic course will be effective, efficient and positively engaging with the right support. Let us facilitate that goal.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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